Principal's Message

Dear Students

It gives me immense pleasure to extend my sincere and good wishes to the teaching, non-teaching staff and students of this newly constituted Government College, Ludhiana (East)! It is a very insightful step of Punjab Government to cater to the educational needs of the local students of this area of Ludhiana so that they don’t have to venture too far away from home in pursuit of quality education.

May we all strive hard together to empower our students, foster in them a spirit of enquiry, imbibe life values in them and contribute to their overall development so that when they step out from here they are armed with a valuable degree and accompanied with a complete set of skills that would ensure their success in any field that they choose to enter.While we, in our turn, effectively serve the cause of education and render useful service to the community and the nation.

I particularly want to congratulate the students who will have the privilege of being the first ever batch of this institution. At the same time, I want to remind them that such a privilege comes with a sense of responsibility, that of conducting themselves in all aspects of life with a decorum that befits a scholar.

I hope in the days to come this institution grows from strength to strength so that this fledgling institution soon grows into a mighty edifice of learning.

All Blessings.


(Dr. Dharam Singh Sandhu)

This document was last modified on: 17-07-2018