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BA Semester-I


Admission to the above mentioned courses will be done as per Panjab University calendar Volume 2, 1995/ Chapter 9. Admission is subject to approval of Panjab University, Chandigarh.



Candidates, who are interested to take admission in this college, can see eligibility conditions on the website given below: ,


B.A. First Year
Compulsory Subjects

1. Compulsory Punjabi/ History and Culture of Punjab (as per norms). History and Culture of Punjab is offered only under the following conditions:

A) If the student has been residing outside the state of Punjab for the last 10 years.

B) In case the student is not a resident of Punjab and has passed the Class X Exam from a board other than Punjab Board.

C) Wards of Security Forces and Central Govt. employees.

D) Foreign Students.

2. Compulsory English.

Optional Subjects

­In addition to the compulsory subjects, the students have to take following optional subjects:

1. Economics.

2. History.

3. Political Science.

4. Elective English

5. Elective Punjabi

Any change in the rule relating to subjects done by Panjab University, Chandigarh will be applicable accordingly.

The syllabus of all courses can be seen at the Panjab University Website:

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